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“ VROCC’s multigenerational enrichment programming introduces, fosters, promotes and celebrates cultural heritages”.

The historic and geographic roots of music, dance, arts and theater taught by VROCC’s team are as diverse as the community we serve and our talented team offers the highest quality instruction in unique styles. 

VROCC’s arts education is rooted in a practice that centralizes equity and creates ‘nurturing, safe, and affirming’ relationships for students.  This commitment extends beyond self and peer connections and leverages creativity by “honoring the unique cultures, languages and legacies” of all of our students and their families.  Our program provides opportunities for our students to not only appreciate songs and dances, but all forms of art as they deeply connect with the histories and traditions associated with them.


This dance class teaches participants about the importance of one’s heritage through learning and performing ethnic folkloric dances. Students learn a collection of dances representing different Latin American countries including Chile, Perú, Puerto Rico, México, Colombia, El Salvador, Venezuela, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Brazil and Spain to mention a few that represent the community we serve. The purpose of this program is to enrich the student’s knowledge on these countries’ music and dance historic and geographic roots. 

Children and Youth

  • Folkloric Dance
  • LatinMix Dance
  • Ballet

Youth and adults

  • LatinMix Dance
  • Zumba

Experience Dancers

  • Ballet Folkloric Latinoamericano


Our goal is to introduce children and youth to the amazing world of traditional musical expressions from their Latin American countries’ cultures, while enhancing their knowledge and appreciation of their heritage and the Spanish language through music and songs. We also offer lessons to adults and seniors. 

VROCC’s Mariachi program introduces participants to the amazing mariachi music culture and enhances their knowledge and appreciation of the Spanish language. In this program students will learn that although the cultures in Latin America are diverse and they are different in each country, there are a few things that we all share besides language; one of those things is Mariachi serenades. The purpose of this class is to allow students to perform in an ensemble which specializes in performing traditional songs from several countries of Latin America.

Children and youth

  • Guitar 
  • Violin
  • Trumpet 
  • Piano 
  • Early Childhood Stimulation 
  • Latin Percussion 
  • Guitar 
  • Mariachi Music Program 
  • Voice

Adults and Youth

  • Guitar 

Experience musicians:

  • Latin Music Ensemble 


VROCC’s Heritage Arts class serves as a space to create visual representations of the communities we serve, capturing its essence and reflecting beliefs that are deeply embedded within our students.

We aim to teach practical skills, passed down from preceding generations, that were developed to provide basic family, and community needs while fostering attitudes, values, goals, and practices carried from their country of origin. 

We emphasize using the elements that characterize Latino/a/x diaspora in Massachusetts. 


Through our theater program, VROCC gives voice to immigrant individuals and families whose first language is Spanish.  It offers a welcoming and supportive environment that places value on preserving cultural ties, providing linguistically appropriate programming and social emotional learning practices offering a safe space to make immigrants feel valued, accepted and at home.


VROCC programming includes folkloric dance, ballet, theater, latin and mariachi music classes, entrepreneurship, leadership and social emotional learning.

Listen to the bilingual podcast created by youth from the leadership and entrepreneurship program ‘Dancing Elotes’

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