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Empowering Communities Through Culture

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To promote Latin American arts and cultures as an engine for stronger communities and economic growth.


To create a vibrant and interconnected multi-generational community where all feel welcomed, valued, and empowered to drive social change and community action, through the diverse arts and cultures of Latin America.

VROCC Core Values


  • Upholding and promoting core values inherent in Latin American cultures, such as diversity, inclusivity, and respect for tradition.
  • We believe in the value of arts and culture for social change and encourage creative entrepreneurship among youth, aspiring and professional artists, and community members


  • Celebrating and preserving the rich historical and cultural roots of Latin American folkloric arts, as the bedrock of our mission. 
  • Help raise loving individuals and future leaders who respect elders, community members and have a deep appreciation of diversity and act as change agents for social, economic and racial justice.
  • Using the power of arts and culture to create strong roots in our communities to teach, inspire, and bolster family values and create collective memories that will last and impact a lifetime.


  • Approaching our mission with an unwavering optimism, believing in the transformative power of Latin American arts and cultures to bring positive change to communities.
  • Leverage the innate Latino enthusiasm to empower them to reflect their voice by participating in decision making opportunities in the commonwealth, thus making them feel home away from home.


  • Placing community at the center of our endeavors, collaborating with youth and families, organizations, and stakeholders to ensure that our initiatives are community-driven.
  • Fostering cross-cultural connections, welcoming individuals from different communities, for example abilities, genders and ethnicities.
  • Promoting intergenerational inclusion, recognizing and valuing the contributions of individuals across different age groups.
  • Elevate the image of immigrant communities across the Boston area and New England by celebrating folkloric arts that honor the rich and diverse tapestry of Latin American countries


  • Harnessing the strength of Latin American arts and cultures as a driving force for empowerment, aiming to uplift communities through cultural initiatives.
  • Empowering Latino arts and culture entrepreneurs, we champion economic equity and growth through incubation, dedicated spaces, performances, and diverse creative opportunities.
  • Commitment to providing high-quality and culturally resonant arts, dance and music classes to nurture understanding and appreciation of Latin American arts and cultures.
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