Youth entrepreneurship and business program

Dancing Elotes is a cross-cultural culinary, dance, and business program for youth.

It was first conceptualized in 2015 as a response to an uptick in violence that had occurred in East Boston and resulted in the unnecessary deaths of several youth with ties to the community. Our solution was to provide a positive and supportive environment that helped the youth build healthy friendships, gain entrepreneurial skills, while earning a stipend and using their free time in a positive manner. 

This program also helps our youth explore cultural entrepreneurship through art, multimedia and the culinary industry as a potential career path.  During the program they learn necessary 21st-century skills and knowledge to launch their entrepreneurial endeavors.   

Business concepts discussed are in the following areas: 

  • Business administration (accounting terminology, budget, inventory, profit and loss analysis, etc)

  • Customer services and hospitality 

  • Marketing and publicity (video production, photography, social media, screenwriting)

  • Cultural enrichment (dance, percussion, arts). 

They then apply the business concepts they learned into running a Mexican Street Corn business at East Boston Farmers Market and community events in a variety of Boston neighborhoods.  The Mexican Street Corn business consists of selling Elotes (Corn on the cob) on a traditional bike-cart, used in the streets of Latin America 

In addition, we provide opportunities to our youth to facilitate culturally responsive arts activities with younger children participating in summer programs in East Boston and be involved in the planning and implementation of our signature events. 

This program provides 15-19 year old Latino immigrant Youth from East Boston with a stipend for participating in this program inspired by street entrepreneurs of Mexico and Central America.

You won’t just sell Elotes, you will…

  • Become an agent for social change, racial equity and inclusion 

  • Contribute to the growth of the creative economy 

  • Meet new friends

  • Earn money 

  • Inspire community action, 

  • Uplift diverse cultural identities

Join us!.  Be part of the movement.  Create awareness about Latinos being a critical component of the national identity of the United States.


Yeison Romero, Program Manager 

Email: Incuba@Vrocc.Org  / Yeisonromero@Vrocc.Org  

Phone: (857) 354-8044

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