A project that merges art, entrepreneurship, and community.

separador pequeno VROCC

Dancing Elotes Youth entrepreneurship program.

Join the culinary and cultural revolution of Dancing Elotes! This community project is more than just a corn cart; it's a platform where the arts and entrepreneurial spirit intertwine to provide opportunities for talented youth. Inspired by the streets of Mexico and Central America, our team of artists serves delicious elotes from a traditional bicycle cart.

Entrepreneurial generation: Creating Dreams, transforming futures.

About the project

At Dancing Elotes, we don't just sell elotes; we create unique culinary experiences and energy-filled dances. This cart becomes a canvas where we paint cultural diversity, merging gastronomy and the arts. We invite you to be part of this experience and share your ideas with us to bring them to life. Our mission goes beyond business. We aim to foster creative entrepreneurship among youth, providing professional development opportunities for emerging and established artists. By joining Dancing Elotes, you become an ambassador for creativity and economic growth in our community.

Our Mission

The Veronica Robles Cultural Center (VROCC) is a non-profit organization promoting Latin American arts and cultures as an engine for stronger communities and economic growth.

separador pequeno VROCC

Share your ideas, build your dreams.

Inspiration for your dreams.

Every dream matters, regardless of its size. Discover inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who, like you, have turned their visions into realities with the support of the VROCC community. From the conception of the idea to its realization, every step is valuable.

We achieve economic growth by fostering creative entrepreneurship among youth, providing space and resources for the professional development of aspiring and established artists, as well as community members.

Resources for Your Entrepreneurship.

At VROCC, we offer more than just a space to share ideas. We provide resources and support to turn your dreams into tangible projects. Whether it's mentorship, funding, or guidance, we're here to assist you at every step of your entrepreneurial journey.

Be part of the creative community.

By joining the community of entrepreneurs at VROCC, you immerse yourself in a space where we celebrate creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Collaborate with other visionaries, share your experiences, and find inspiration to take your project to the next level. Together, let's build an entrepreneurial and creative future.
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