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At VROCC, we use the power of arts and culture to teach, inspire, and perpetuate values that bring people together. We help to raise bilingual loving men and women, and future leaders that appreciate and embrace diversity.

Mission and Vision



The Verónica Robles Cultural Center (VROCC) is a non-profit organization promoting Latino arts and culture as an engine for stronger communities and economic growth.

Our Vision

We want by the year 2030 to be an organization recognized for expanding Latin American culture, in order to achieve social change and racial equity, with 5 VROCC branches.

Stronger communities are made possible through collaborations with municipalities, state government, and human service providers across our state.

Because of our emphasis on arts, music, and cultural programming, VROCC is seen as a safe haven for immigrants and their families, as well as a source of connection to their cultural heritage.

We achieve economic growth by encouraging creative entrepreneurship among youth; and offer space and resources for professional development to aspiring and consolidated artists, as well as to community members.

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Veronica Robles is a woman of courage and principles. As a cancer survivor, she lives her life to the fullest, filled with joy, passion, and love. Her work honors the memory of her only daughter Kithizia who passed away as a teenager. Kithzia was a beautiful dancer and loved her culture. Through her parents community work, she learned to love and celebrate the cultures of other countries. To cope with the immense pain and sadness that haunts her every day, Robles and her husband decided to open Veronica Robles Cultural Center (VROCC), a non-profit organization in East Boston to teach the values of love and respect.

Veronica is a Mariachi singer by trade, and a cultural icon for Latinos in Boston. She has effectively utilized the power of arts and culture, to bring the community together by raising awareness of the importance of diversity. She empowers the youth by employing them, and teaching them about their roots and culture. In addition to this, Robles is the co-founder and director of the VROCC, a non-profit organization that supports community action and economic growth in East Boston.

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