At VROCC, we use the power of arts and culture to teach, inspire, and perpetuate values that bring people together. We help to raise bilingual loving men and women, and future leaders that appreciate and embrace diversity.


Our Mission

Veronica Robles Cultural Center (VROCC) mission is to promote Latino arts and cultures as an engine for stronger communities and economic growth. 

Our Vision

Inspiring and encouraging community action for social change and racial equity by teaching, promoting and celebrating the rich cultures and colors of the Latin American communities in Boston.


Stronger communities are made possible through collaborations with municipalities, state government, and human service providers across our state. Because of our emphasis on arts, music and cultural programming, VROCC is seen as a safe ambassador for immigrants and their families and a touchstone to their heritage.

We achieve economic growth by encouraging creative entrepreneurship among youth; and offer space and resources for professional development to aspiring and consolidated artists, as well as to community members.


Although VROCC is an abbreviation of our name it also stands for

Values, Roots, Optimism, Cultures and Communities 

Our Story

How We Got Started

To cope with the immense pain and sadness of the death of her  daughter, Kithizia  that haunts her every day, Veronica Robles and her husband decided to open Veronica Robles Cultural Center (VROCC) a non profit organization in East Boston to teach the values of love and respect.

Where We Are Now

Today VROCC, provides a space where cultural traditions are promoted, and respected. We facilitate cross-generational relationships and learning opportunities around arts and culture. Also, we develop programs for cultural integration.


VROCC, a fully immersion Spanish environment, where children learn various Spanish cultures.

Veronica has created an amazing Spanish community at VROCC, we are so honored to be part of it.

My son Bodhi and daughter Thea started with VROCC in the year 2015.  I had searched for Spanish immersion classes of any sort, to continue on their journey of learning the Spanish culture.   Some of their ancestors come from Venezuela, but unfortunately no Spanish cultural traditions were passed on.

Finding Veronica, and what she has put together at VROCC is exactly what I was looking for: a fully immersion Spanish environment, where children learn various Spanish cultures (dance, music, art, theater).

The plus (that I didn’t expect) was a loving, nurturing environment. VROCC community very much reminds me of what I grew up with in our Canadian German community, and I can’t say how thankful I am of what Veronica does to embrace the Spanishculture.

Friede our youngest started this year, and she can’t get enough of “La Bamba”.

Thank you Veronica!

Tiffany-Emil Jacob

Mother of Bodhi, Thea, and Friede, VROCC Member - Canadian

VROCC, helping raise loving men and women.
Now a days youths are growing with lack of moral values but this organization is helpingraise loving men and women with appreciation to their cultural heritage and respect to elders and community.
Alberto Vasallo Jr.

Founder, El Mundo Boston Newspaper, Cuban

VROCC, a place to call home away from home.
Whether you be foreign or be native to the Massachusetts air, you will find your secondary home here, for it is where the heart is. Verónica Robles Cultural Center. A place to call home away from home.
Veronica Allison Castillo

VROCC Youth, High School Student, Chilean - American

Virtual Classes & Performances

As everyone across the world stays home to stop the spread of COVID-19, we have decided to have some of our classes and events online.

Dancing Elotes

VROCC’s Dancing Elotes project provides jobs to youth and brings art, culinary traditions and traditional dance to the East Boston Farmers Market every Wednesday. This project allows VROCC to reach a broad spectrum of people, support artists and partner with other community organizations.


Veronica Robles Cultural Center’s (VROCC) mission is to promote Latino arts and cultures as engine for stronger communities and economic growth.

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Volunteer with VROCC and help us to fulfill our mission of promoting Latin American arts and culture, as a way to make communities stronger and foster econimic growth among the youth.

Meet the Founder

Veronica Robles is a woman of courage and principles. As a cancer survivor, she lives her life to the fullest, filled with joy, passion, and love. Her work honors the memory of her only daughter Kithizia who passed away as a teenager. Kithzia was a beautiful dancer and loved her culture. Through her parents community work, she learned to love and celebrate the cultures of other countries. To cope with the immense pain and sadness that haunts her every day, Robles and her husband decided to open Veronica Robles Cultural Center (VROCC), a non-profit organization in East Boston to teach the values of love and respect.

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Back in 1870 the first library branch in the United States was opened in East Boston, and in 2020 the same building became home to Veronica Robles Cultural Center

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