Activities we offer:

  • Unique dance, music and enrichment programs.
  • We offer salsa and flamenco and tango classes for adults
  • We offer Latino countries folkloric dance classes for children and youth

Values we promote in our programming:

  • Provide a space where cultural traditions are promoted, and respected.
  • Facilitate cross-generational relationships and learning opportunities around arts and culture.
  • Develop programs for cultural integration

Ways we build social capital:

  • Create job opportunities for youth in the traditional arts and culture fields and supports aspiring and professional artists and arts entrepreneurs in the city.
  • Offer networking opportunities around arts and culture
  • Uses the power of arts, culture, technology, and multimedia for social change

Our approach to cultural exchange:

  • As a Latin American cultural center, we seek to both hold space for Latinos to engage in cultural activities and share space with people from other cultural groups who wish to learn about our culture.
  • All are welcome to participate in our programs and celebrate with us at our festive events.
  • Through its cultural programs VROCC helps to elevate the image of the immigrant communities in the city

Organizational growth and change

  • VROCC was incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit in 2016 and formed a Board of Directors in 2017.The Board is working with Veronica to grow the capacity of fiscal and administrative systems beyond what Veronica was able to manage.
  • VROCC is a volunteer based organization, and Veronica Robles has led by example, serving as volunteer in the capacity of Creative Director, Lead Artist, Educator, Event Planner, community outreach and marketing since co-founding the organization in 2013.
  • This is a year of major growth for the organization, and we seek to move away from a volunteer model to one where people are more compensated for their work and can make a longer commitment to the organization.

Who we serve:

  • VROCC currently has 300 regular members including children, youth, young adults and adults.
  • We have a performing dance group that currently represent 12 different countries of Latin America, each with authentic dance choreography and costumes.
  • Our members include families from Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Honduras, Canada among others.
  • Every year VROCC receives over 2000 multicultural Latino families and college students, who come to celebrate and introduce their culture to their children and friends.
  • Through community performances, the VROCC dance group reaches over 5000 people from all ethnic backgrounds


Veronica has created an amazing Spanish community at VROCC, we are so honored to be part of it.

My son Bodhi and daughter Thea started with VROCC in the year 2015.  I had searched for Spanish immersion classes of any sort, to continue on their journey of learning the Spanish culture.   Some of their ancestors come from Venezuela, but unfortunately no Spanish cultural traditions were passed on.
Finding Veronica, and what she has put together at VROCC is exactly what I was looking for:  a fully immersion Spanish environment, where children learn various Spanish cultures (dance, music, art, theater).
The plus (that I didn’t expect) was a loving, nurturing environment. VROCC community very much reminds me of what I grew up with in our Canadian German community, and I can’t say how thankful I am of what Veronica does to embrace the Spanish culture.
Friede our youngest started this year, and she can’t get enough of “La Bamba”.
Thank you Veronica!
Tiffany-Emil Jacob (mother of Bodhi, Thea and Friede)

We are so honored to be part of VROCC

“It is incredible what Veronica Robles Cultural Center brings to this community.

Now a days youths are growing with lack of moral values but this organization is helping raise loving men and women with appreciation to their cultural heritage and respect to elders and community.”

Alberto Vasallo Jr.

Industry leader in the Latino media and entertainment worlds in New England and Founder of El Mundo Newspaper.

Helping raise loving men and women with appreciation to their cultural heritage