Produced by Veronica Robles Cultural Center (VROCC), El Dia de los Muertos is New England’s largest Day of the Dead Festival and Parade. Now in its 9th year, this annual, intergenerational arts and culture festival supports community cohesion and local businesses in the Central Square and Liberty Square districts of East Boston. This year the event will include a COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic and Hepatitis testing onsite. A range of programming takes place from October 25-November 2.

This event is part of the Youth Entrepreneurship program “Dancing Elotes” that integrates arts and culture with business education and practical entrepreneurial experience, as youth learn the skills needed to run a business and produce events like El Dia de los Muertos. Art installation and activities, workshops, and conversations are facilitated by local artists.

Cultural context:

The origins of the Day of the Dead tradition predate the arrival of the Spanish conquerors. In different cultures, particularly among the Mexica, it was believed that there was a process to be born and another to die: when the soul leaves the physical body, it must go through a series of tests or dimensions, to reach the desired rest. La Catrina or La Calavera Catrina is one of the most recognizable symbols of the Dia de los Muertos holiday today, and was created by artist and journalist Jose Guadalupe Posada in 1910. 


Hot tamale Brass Band, Groversity Afro Brazilian Band, Grupo de danza Torogoz, Estrellitas Tropicales, Corazon Chileno, Estrellitas VROCC, lead by Diana Melgar and Melisa Lopez, Ballet Folklorico VROCC led by Dance program director Estuardo Alvizurez and Donaxi Madrigal; VROCC music and chorus ensembles led by instructors Carlos Mario Yepes and Monica Henao assisted by Marcelo Yepes; Calpulli Coyoxochilt, Danza Mexica; Alejandra Ramos Gómez, Mexican poet; Fiona Phie, artist; Flor Delgadillo, multidisciplinary artists; Ethan Vogt multimedia producer; Roberto Gomez, community activist; Nicolas Acuña, Jucamart.

Vendors: Colores de México, Jeka Mundo, Aneska Detalles, Ikigai Ikiru organics, Athenea Soul Shop, Luna Artesanal. 

Food: Los compadres taqueria, La Oaxaqueña, Beantown Taquería, Mexico City Taqueria, “Dancing Elotes” Mexican Street Corn by VROCC Youth Entrepreneurs, Pan de Muerto (Special, Bread for the occasion) and Hot Chocolate., Kushala Sip Coffee, Mafer Pastry Shop, Dulcinea Sweets.   

Health Clinics onsite: MAPS (MASS alliance of portuguese speakers) providing Hepatitis testing, and Boston Medical Center will be providing COVID19 Vaccine shots between 2 and 5 PM in collaboration with Lawyers for Civil rights and Greater Boston Latino Network.

Organizations and groups participating at the event: World Financial Group, The Trustees Boston, Commonwealth Care Alliance, Health Connector, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center.


MAPS (MASS Alliance of portuguese speakers).

Providing Hepatitis testing.

Boston Medical Center

Providing COVID19 Vaccine Shots.

In colaboration with Lawyers for Civil rights and Greater Boston Latino Networ.


Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

Patrick M. Treffiletti
Ruggiero Funeral Home

Catrina contribuitors

La Chiva Restaurant

Altar contributors​

Mena Menahia
Araceli Patterson
Beatriz Contreras
Hector Zavalas
Katherine Machado
Heather O’Brian
Claudia Quiñones
Euzana Navarro

Rainbow Contribuitors​

Dimitri / Demian Cabral
Stefany Cabral
Erligne Britto
Leonardo Olsen



Colores de México
Jeka Mundo
Aneska Detalles
Ikigai Ikiru organics
Mayela – Calpulli,
Athenea Soul Shop
Luna Artesanal.



Los compadres taqueria

La Oaxaqueña

Beantown taquería

Nuevo Mexico Taqueria

“Dancing Elotes” Mexican Street Corn by VROCC Youth Entrepreneurs

Pan de Muerto (Special Bread for the occasion) and Hot Chocolate VROCC parents.

Kushala Sip Coffee

Mafer Pastry Shop


Dia de los muertos [Recovered]


Tuesday, 10/25/22

from 7:30 to 9:00 PM


Lecture: Origins and Meanings of Dia De Los Muertos by Dr. Raquel Urroz. 

VROCC 282 Meridian St. Use the AlleyWay Door between Meridian and Border St. 

Presented in collaboration with Universidad Autonoma de Mexico in  Boston. 

Learn the origins and meaning of this beautiful Mexican tradition. Pan de Muerto (Traditional bread made for the occasion) and hot chocolate will be served.

Friday, 10/28/22

from 6 to 9PM


Art Activation:

Help create the Ofrenda (Altar) for the Festival

Central Square Park – Saratoga St. between Border and Meridian. 

Support local artists in creating an Ofrenda that will include photos of community members’ loved ones who have passed away to honor and remember them including pets. 

You can bring natural flowers (Mary Golds) and Milk Crates.

Sunday, 10/30/22


From 1:00 to 2:30

Central Square Park, East Boston

Starts and ends at Libertt Sq. Plaza.

Streets :Border right on Lexington, right on Marion, right on Chelsea St. Maverick Sq. right on Summer, right on New St., Maverick St and left on Border St. 

Parade rules: Only people in Catrina or Catrine Costumes will be allowed, Cars must be decorated with El Dia de los Muertos theme and must be registered prior to the event. Cars must register by Thursday, October 27th by midnight, find the registration form in this link. 

There will be two parade floats with music, dance groups and music bands along the parade. 

From 2:30 to 3:30 PM


Cultural programa Part 1

Ensamble Musical & Coro VROCC

Las mañanitas
Cielito lindo
Dos oruguitas 
Poco loco
Dance performance 
La bruja
La Presumida 

Escribe tu Calaverita Literaria con la poetisa Alejandra Ramos               

El alcaraván
El gallito
La Cumbia Sampuesana

Escribe tu Calaverita Literaria con la poetisa Alejandra Ramos                  

Maria Antoni

Escribe tu Calaverita Literaria con la poetisa Alejandra Ramos   

El Jarabe Tapatio 

Escribe tu Calaverita Literaria con la poetisa Alejandra Ramos    

La quebradora

From 4 to 4:30

Cultural Program part 1

 (Adult dancers) 
North Eastern University Dance groupo 
VROCC Ballet Folklorico

El Sauce y la Palma

La Fiesta del Mariachi

Son de la Negra

Jesusita en Chihuahua

Aguacero Son Jarocho

La Bruja


From 4:30 to 5:00

Dia de los Muertos Ceremony an offering

Calpulli Coyoxochilt (Danza Mexica) 
Fiona Phie (Multidisciplinary Artist)
medicine wheel.
Danza Mexica

5PM Ultimo Minuto band (Rock en españo)-

Tuesday, 11/1/22


from 6 to 8 PM


Community Gathering

VROCC 282 Meridian St. Use the AlleyWay Door between Meridian and Border St.

Conversations on how we as a community can support each other in the process of healing to overcome grief, loss, and resiliency. 

Wednesday, 11/2


from 6 to 8 PM


Community Gathering

Altar on Central Square Park if weather permits. Rain site VROCC 

Dia de los muertos observance will include community conversations around loss, mourning and resiliency focused on adults, and death in tragic circumstances (breaking down the altar).  Building Community.  

Thursday, 11/3/22


Time to be announced.

Breakdown the altar

Help the artists breakdown and pack material for next year.

Donate - Haz una donación

Contamos con una meta de recaudación de fondos de $15,000 usd para esta celebración, ayudanos a llegar a nuestra meta

Day of the Dead Parade-127

Community Partners

Si quieres particpar en este lindo evento inscríbete aquí

Le invitamos a compartir una foto de su ser querido en las redes sociales con el hashtag #vroccdod2022.

Cuando veamos su hashtag, honraremos a su ser querido con una flor de cempazuchitl echa de papel, que se colocará en el Altar comunitario.

También puede enviar un correo electrónico a con el nombre de su ser querido y la foto. Individuos, escuelas, familias y organizaciones pueden visitar el Altar.


We need your support for the El Día de los muertos celebration.

If you are interested please email Alejandro Martinez at cc or join the volunteer chat on facebook stating your name and the area you wish to help on.

We need support in the following areas and times. 

Opening Reception and Lecture about Dia De los Muertos 

Tuesday, October 25th, 7 to 9 PM at VROCC 282 Meridian St. 

Hosting committee: Helping on the setup, greeting people, help with the breakdown. (We may need translation support) 

Altar set up and breakdown / Poner y quitar el altar

Friday, October 28th from 6 to 9 PM and Thursday, November 3rd from 12 to 2 PM. Central Sq. Park on Saratoga St. between Border St. and Meridian.

Work with local artists and community leaders on the creation of the offering Altar and graveyard. 


Sunday, October 30th. Central Sq. Park

Morning Shift from 9 to 12 PM Setup 

During the event from 1 to 4 or from 4 to 7 PM

Night shift after the festival from 7 to 9 PM

Helping the Marshall coordinating the bands and participants. Walking along the parade to assure walkers are safe and in line. 


Necesitamos su apoyo en la celebración de “El día de los Muertos”. 

Si está interesado, envíe un correo electrónico a Alejandro Martínez a favor copie a o únase al chat de voluntarios en Facebook indicando su nombre y el área en la que desea ayudar.

Necesitamos ayuda en las siguientes áreas y horarios.


Martes, 25 de octubre de 7 to 9 PM en VROCC 282 Meridian St. 

Comité anfitrión: ayudar en la configuración, saludar a la gente, ayudar con la avería. (Es posible que necesitemos apoyo de traducción).

Poner y quitar el altar

Viernes 28 de octubre de 6 a 9 PM y el jueves de 12 a 2 PM. Central Sq. Park on Saratoga St. entre Border St. y Meridian.

Trabaja con artistas locales y líderes comunitarios en la creación del altar de ofrendas y el cementerio.


Domingo 30 de octubre Central Sq. Park

Turno matutino de 9 a 12 PM Setup 

Durante el evento de 1 a 4 o de 4 a 7 PM

Despues del festival de 7 a 9 PM


Domingo de12 a 3PM 

Liberty Square Mall en Shaw’s Parking Lot en la Borders St. 

Ayudando al Marshall coordinando las bandas y participantes. Caminar a lo largo del desfile para asegurar que los caminantes estén seguros y en línea.

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