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This lovely elders need shelter, they need our help. Estos lindos viejitos necesitan refugio, necesitan nuestra ayuda.

Veronica Robles Cultural Center (VROCC), the Mexican community in New England and friends of Mexico invite you to join us in this effort to raise funds to directly help families affected by the earthquakes in Oaxaca and other rural areas. Your donations is tax-deductible.

VROCC is a non-profit organization based in East Boston, MA and we are trying to help families that live in Mexico victims of the recent earthquakes and that have receive limited or no support from other sources.

How the funds will be spent?)
Currently the families are in need of shelter therefore we are planning to provide large tents, Ecological bathrooms and kitchens; Electric plants; Water purifiers and filters; Folding beds or cots; Garment gloves, medical supplies, food, and material or support needed to help children receive educational and enrichment activities. The money may also help on medical emergencies that require special attention or medications. On this campaign we will focus on the small community of Huamuchil a small town of the district of Juchitan, San Dionisio and other small community in Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Puebla that have not yet receive support.

If you want to volunteer on the logistics, and organizing and coordinating other volunteers please reach out to us via our Facebook Group at Mexicanos en Solidaridad.

Our goal is to raise $5000 in one week please help us to meet this goal please go to  Donate NOW

@East Boston Savings Bank
Acct# 7777-31652
Routing # 211070120

Please donate!! any amount would be greatly appreciated

This is an actual picture of one of the houses in Huamuchil, Oaxaca

Last Saturday, September 30th we hosted RadioTon, a live radio broadcast in collaboration with Mega Boston. What an inspiring day full of love, friendship, solidarity. We had people dropping off donations and prying with us. That weekend our young dancers performed at several events and together we were able to raise $2755 dollars. We also collected medical supplies that will be ship to Mexico free via Aeromexico.


Donations came from:

Rafael Castillo from Castillo Liquors and God Gas in Somerville

Juan Gabriel Sánchez from Mexican Food delivery company
Daniel Galicia
Claudia Sierra
Maria Tacuri
Loreto P Ansaldo
Sandra Nijjar
Diana Munn
Ana Garnica and neighbors
Carlos Santiago and family
Samuel Hernández
Tina Torres
AnonymousFrancisco Ávalos
Rosalva Medina
Graciela Gomez
Sebastian Matias
Ricardo Matías
Martha Alcázar
El Guanaquito de Boston
Felicia de Cicco PuopoloMedical Supplies and other donations
Sandra Gastelum Reynolds
Patria Sanchez
more people will be added shortly.

Special thanks to Willy Lopez MegaBoston, Ivon Gois, Johnny Mackenzie, MilAgros Marte Imex Cargo Michelle DeFronzo IMEX Cargo, @Alma Cruz-Fliehler and all the volunteers members of VROCC family, Norka Patricia Becerra Santa Espinoza Rocio Azucena Guerrero Giselle Solis Rogelia Cruz Nidya Velasco Roldán Henry Puma @Edith Oliveros Claudia Sierra Rode Escobar @Anahi Regueira

Our dancing stars: Angelo David Dongo, Yaritza Lopez, Alicia Ramirez, Jacquie Ramirez, Juliana Marquez, Alex Taborda, Anthony Puertas, Jose Mejia, Alejandra Contreras, Daniela Alarcón Díaz



La comunidad Mexicana de New England y amigos de Mexico te invita a unir fuerzas para recaudar fondos para ayudar directamente a familias afectadas por los temblores en Oaxaca y otras zonas rurales afectadas por los terremotos.

Actualmente las familias en Mexico están en necesidad de refugio por lo tanto, estámos planeando proporcionar tiendas de campaña, (para las familias),
Baños y cocinas ecológicas; Plantas eléctricas; Purificadores y filtros de agua; Camas plegables o cunas; Guantes de tela, suministros médicos, alimentos y material o apoyo necesarios para ayudar a los niños a recibir actividades educativas y de enriquecimiento. En esta campaña nos centraremos en la comunidad de Huamuchil una pequeña ciudad del distrito de Juchitan y otras pequeñas comunidades en Oaxaca que aún no han recibido apoyo.

Si desea ser voluntario en la logística y organizar y coordinar a otros voluntarios, favor de comunicarse con nosotros a través de nuestro Grupo de Facebook en Mexicanos en Solidaridad.


Por favor dona!! cualquier cantidad hace la diferencia, no hay contribución pequeña, animate!!!

Donate via
@East Boston Savings Bank
Acct# 7777-31652
Routing # 211070120

How to find VROCC Video

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