In my opinion, these young students represented the fine example of the excellent work of the VROCC.”,



“Thank you for inviting me to participate in a very interesting and uplifting experience and the opportunity to offer a few comments about myself and Sterlingwear of Boston.

I was introduced to an interesting team of young students, each of whom were seriously prepared to perform their assigned tasks.  The lighting, sound, camera and interview were handled perfectly, under your patient and able direction.

All were cordial, respectful and had the aura and confidence of professionals, including the student interviewer, Johann, who although dressed very casually, as were the rest of the team, managed to wear a dress shirt, tie, and suit jacket for the interview.

In my opinion, they represented the fine example of what the Boston School system is providing and the excellent work of the VROCC.”, Frank Fredela.


Mr. Fredela Born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Frank G. Fredella was raised and attended public schools in the Boston area.

His first contact with the clothing industry started as a part-time, after school employee with Picariello and Singer, Inc., a manufacturer of tailored boys’ and student’s clothing, as an apprentice designer and pattern cutter.

After graduating from high school, he continued his employment with Picariello and Singer in various capacities, while attending Boston University during the evenings where he earned his BS degree in Business Administration in 1961.

In 1965, he and his father, Lawrence Fredella, left Picariello and Singer and started their own company, Viking Clothing, which was primarily engaged in cut and sew contracting. Within the next two years, because of Vietnam related requirements, the government issued rated orders to Viking for items essential to the war effort.  In order to separate the commercial production and operations from the military requirements and subsequent bidding efforts, a new company was formed called Vi-Mil, Inc.  Due to the decline in commercial activity during this period, Viking Clothing was deactivated and ceased operations.  During this period, Fredella’s father, Lawrence, passed away and Jerome Danin joined the organization as partner and assumed the position of Contract Administrator.

Sterlingwear of Boston, Inc. was formed in 1982 as a result of purchasing an existing customer base and brand name for rain wear and outerwear.  When government orders decreased as the Vietnam conflict ended, Sterlingwear’s activity in the commercial market increased.  Raincoats and outerwear were in greater demand and the production mix provided an excellent opportunity to efficiently accommodate the steady but lesser quantities of government work.  Again, to streamline the production and management requirements, Vi-Mil was retired as an active entity and all efforts and personnel were devoted entirely to Sterlingwear of Boston.

Mr. Fredela served in the U.S. Army in Korea, where, as a result of combat wounds, was awarded the Purple Heart and disabled veteran status.

Fredella has been actively engaged in the mentoring and development of an aggressive and talented management team.  Although he still maintains his position as President/CEO of Sterlingwear, Fredella is relinquishing some of his duties to others within the organization with an eye towards the future.

Frank Fredella has a loving wife, Jo, to whom he has been married for 64 years.  They have a son and daughter, who continue in the business, and three grandchildren.  He lives in Woburn, Massachusetts where he enjoys photography, computer graphics, cad projects and relaxing in his garden.